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Digital try-on Service

We understand choosing glasses online can be difficult which is why we offer our own digital try-on service.

Follow the steps below and email us your photo along with your frame choices to info@specscollective.com.


Grab any card with a magnetic stripe and a camera.

A credit card, library card, or gifts card are all great options. Please make sure to cover all sensitive information.


Hold camera at eye level and position card on forehead.


Look straight ahead at the camera lens and snap a photo.

IMPORTANT: Make sure the card is not tilted towards the top or bottom of your forehead and try your best to not cover the edges.

Email us your photo along with your frame and color choices to info@specscollective.com. If done properly, we can digitally render almost any frame close to size/scale onto the provided photo.  Please allow 24 business hours for the digital rendering to be emailed to you.

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