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RX Services

Pricing for Prescription Lenses Single Vision Lenses Progressive Lenses
Trivex $145 $395
High Index 1.67 $195 $495
High Index 1.74 $295 $595


Single Vision ($145 - $245) | All of our single vision lenses offer the latest in optic technology and lens materials for your eyes. Our most popular lens - Trivex offers the clearest and lightest lens on the market with an abbe value of 44. For patients with higher prescriptions we also offer the ultra-thin High Index (1.67 & 1.74) lenses.


Progressives ($395 - $595) | We offer high definition free-form digital progressive lenses in trivex and high index lens materials. Added digitally, our free-form lenses give a larger field of vision for your distance, intermediate, and reading corrections.


Anti-Reflective Coatings (Included) | Our premium anti-reflective coatings contains nine titanium layers that are oleophobic and hydrophobic. This means that all our lenses repel water, fingerprints, smudges and dirt so that your lenses stay cleaner longer.