"Super® by RETROSUPERFUTURE FW19 collection features a selection of sunglasses created to become the brand’s new iconic pieces. Thick rims, sculptural forms and sharp geometries characterize new acetate shapes inspired by classic 1960s and 1970s designs. 

RETROSUPERFUTURE has further evolved the range of signature acetate silhouettes for its Optical line of frames. Building on RSF’s high quality, Italian manufacturing and know-how, this new range blends an aesthetic edge with wearability, comfort and durability for an extended all-day-everyday use. Emphasizing its characteristic design, RSF has adapted its most popular models with RSF Icons such as the Ciccio, Flat Top and the Classic which have been re-engineered for lightness and comfort. In addition to these cult pieces, RSF designers have also created a selection of top-notch new silhouettes."

The Warhol

Super by RETROSUPERFUTURE // The Warhol Eyeglasses
Working with The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, RSF re-designed and re-released Andy Warhol’s most iconic eyeglasses. The  RETROSUPERFUTURE // The Warhol is a classic rounded silhouette inspired by Andy Warhol’s iconic frame. The model’s key features include chunky squared temple tips and keyhole nose-bridge. Also available as a sunglass.


Super by RETROSUPERFUTURE // Issimo Sunglasses

The RETROSUPERFUTURE // Issimo is a streamlined, low-riding shape that captures the sports-infused aesthetics. Issimo features angular curves, thick temples and wide horizontal lenses, mounted on top of the acetate frame for a sharp stylistic edge. This version of Issimo comes with blue tinted lenses, black acetate on the front and electric blue temples.


Super by RETROSUPERFUTURE // Ciccio Eyeglasses

The RETROSUPERFUTURE // Ciccio Optical is a thick frame characterized by wide lenses and well-rounded curves. An iconic RSF silhouette, this model has a perfect fit, adapted for an all-day everyday use with carefully moulded acetate rims. Its sturdy build and statement detailing on the temples complete this classic havana model.


Super by RETROSUPERFUTURE // Vasto Sunglasses

The RETROSUPERFUTURE // Vasto is an angular oversized silhouette that reinterprets classic 1970s frames with a contemporary edge. Thick acetate curves characterize this bold shape, carefully sculpted around wide lenses to form a distinct square design. This version of Vasto features lightly mirrored lenses and a full deep red acetate.


Super by RETROSUPERFUTURE // Caro Sunglasses

The RETROSUPERFUTURE // Caro is a wide, geometric silhouette that blends 1960s Italian classicism with 1990s grunge aesthetic. The model features a well-rounded design with a thick, sturdy acetate structure, squared temple tips and angular rims on the lower half of the frame.


Super by RETROSUPERFUTURE // America Eyeglasses

The RETROSUPERFUTURE // America Optical is an angular, wide silhouette with thick rims and sharply defined angles. A redesign of the classic RSF model, this version of America features a light, yet sturdy structure for an all-day-everyday use. This model comes with a shiny black front and Havana temples.

Numero 70

Super by RETRO SUPER FUTURE // Numero 70 Eyeglasses

The RETROSUPERFUTURE // Numero 70 features an oversized aviator-style design with an unexpected angular outline of the lenses. A double nose bridge supports this light everyday frame in shiny gold finish, giving it a distinctive bold character. Minimalist detailing completes the piece for ultimate comfort.


Super by RETROSUPERFUTURE // Aalto Sunglasses

The RETROSUPERFUTURE // Aalto is a playful yet classic interpretation of the oversized, squared silhouette. The model is characterized by a thick acetate construction with an angular frontal piece and sturdy nose-bridge. 


Super by RETROSUPERFUTURE // Eddie SunglassesThe RETROSUPERFUTURE // Eddie highlights the model’s appealing rounded design. A wide acetate frame, Eddie features carefully crafted rims encasing its round lenses. A keyhole nose-bridge and metal detailing on the temples adding a retro touch. This edition of Eddie comes with light brown lenses, shiny black acetate on the front and Havana temples.

Numero 66

Super by RETROSUPERFUTURE // Numero 66 Eyeglasses

The RETROSUPERFUTURE // Numero 66 is an oversized optical frame conceived as a stand-out piece for daily use. Inspired by 1960s silhouettes, the model features wide square lenses and a keyhole nose-bridge with thick rims and angular detailing.


Super by RETROSUPERFUTURE // Fred Eyeglasses

The RETROSUPERFUTURE // Fred is a bold optical frame characterized by sharp rims and sturdy acetate construction. An adaptation of a popular RSF silhouette, this model was designed for an all-day use, with rims carefully moulded for lightness and subtle metal detailing. This version comes with a shiny black acetate. Also available as a sunglass.


Super by RETROSUPERFUTURE // Classic Sunglasses

The RETROSUPERFUTURE // Classic is a fresh interpretation of RSF’s first silhouette ever. Classic is a timeless oversized silhouette with a well-rounded frame, wide lenses and carefully moulded rims. The key pressure points on the nose bridge and temples have been reinforced to give it a sturdy, bold design. This version of Classic features a sandy crystal acetate and bottle green lenses.


Super by RETROSUPERFUTURE // Neema Sunglasses

The RETROSUPERFUTURE // Neema is a streamlined shape with a sturdy, thick acetate design. Characterized by a fast low-riding design, Neema’s sports-inspired shape was carved to form a mask-like profile with a curved upper line, thick nose-bridge and wide temples. This version of Neema features black lenses and a shiny black acetate.

Ciccio Sun

Super by RETROSUPERFUTURE // Ciccio Sunglasses

The RETROSUPERFUTURE // Ciccio is a fresh edition of RSF’s timeless icon. A bold interpretation of popular everyday sunglasses, Ciccio is widely recognized for its thick acetate construction and well-rounded silhouette. This version of Ciccio features rich brown tinted lenses, an innovative blue Havana acetate front and sturdy Havana temples. Also available as an optical. 

Vault by Vans - Smile

Super by RETROSUPERFUTURE x Vans by Vault // Smile Sunglasses

RETROSUPERFUTURE / VAULT BY VANS collection is an iconic collaboration that celebrates the essence of classic streetwear culture. Synonymous with timeless, authentic style, Vans is an authority and icon in the scene. The smile was conceived as a sharp interpretation of classic street icons. The model features a unique 1990s design, with a low riding profile and thick temple tips.

Flat Top

SUPER by RETROSUPERFUTURE // Flat Top Eyeglasses

The RETROSUPERFUTURE // Flat Top Optical is a stand-out frame that reinterprets the iconic RSF silhouette for an all-day-every-day use. A bold model, Flat Top features a straight upper line with a thick nose-bridge and temples. Light and fitted for a full day wear, this version of Flat Top comes in a shiny black acetate with gold detailed temple tips. Also available as a sunglass.

November 06, 2019

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