There are so many reasons why we were thrilled to offer Oliver Peoples. For one, my name is Oliver. Second, I was born and raised in Los Angeles. And finally, as an eyewear enthusiast for most of my life Oliver Peoples has always been a brand that I’ve followed and admired.

My favorite Oliver Peoples were the NDG with a removable flip-up sun-clip. I remember the sun-clips being the absolute best for moving around and being able to easily convert my eyewear from eyeglasses to sunglasses instantly.

Today, I am proud that Specs Collective is the first exclusively online retailer to offer Oliver Peoples. You can feel the love and care that goes into each piece as you hold it in your hands and then place it onto your head. Oliver Peoples has always stayed true to themselves by offering versatile and timeless eyewear with unique beautiful details.




“When we thought of the concept of Oliver Peoples, we all looked at each other and we really knew that we felt like we wanted to be inspired to design our own eyewear that reflected Los Angeles.”

- Larry Leight (Co-Founder of Oliver Peoples)

Founded in 1987, Oliver Peoples was created using American eyewear parts from an estate collection in Connecticut. Not only did this estate have brand new eyewear parts, but it also had the machinery and lenses to create their first eyewear collection. Found within these parts and machinery were multiple receipts made out to the owner of the estate from 50 years ago - Oliver Peoples.

Oliver Peoples History

After bringing everything from Connecticut to Los Angeles, they opened their first store in West Hollywood on the legendary Sunset Blvd. The first collection was focused on its vintage aesthetic that was a far cry from the “futuristic styles and geometric shapes in bright, brazen colors” of the 1980’s. Their goal was to create eyewear that would speak for themselves by adding details like filigree as opposed to brand names and logos. 

From there, Oliver Peoples grew in popularity appearing in various fashion publications like Vogue, the New York Times, and Elle. In 1988, they created their first campaign called “Working Opticians” featuring miniaturized employees creating Oliver Peoples eyewear.

Oliver Peoples | Cindy Crawford and Spike Lee

Oliver Peoples | Working Opticians Campaign 1988

Today, the Oliver Peoples headquarters is located only a few hundred feet away from the original boutique store on Sunset. They have expanded to over 30 boutique stores in the U.S, Canada, Japan, Italy, and Korea. Each store offers a “a luxurious mix of elegance and craftsmanship (that) meets exceptional service and a soothing ambiance to create an intimate, one-of-a-kind shopping experience.”



“Since the debut of the first collection, Oliver Peoples has maintained a passion for superior eyewear crafted of the finest materials with careful attention to detail. Each frame is meticulously handcrafted in two dedicated factories in Italy and Japan following a process that combines both technological advancements and the human touch"

- Oliver Peoples (


Oliver Peoples | Craftmanship

The “attention to detail” that they describe is what made Oliver Peoples the iconic eyewear brand it is today. There are hundreds of steps that go into each pair, here are just some of those that make Oliver Peoples distinctive and unique. 

The frame front is created using a single block of acetate that is carved out, bent for the face curve, and then filed in and around the bridge to create nosepads. 

Oliver Peoples | Craftsmanship

Pins that connect to the hinge and then the temples are hand inserted into the frame adding strength and durability.

Oliver Peoples | Craftsmanship

The Oliver Peoples insignia is hand inlaid into the temple tips and permanently secured using resin.

Oliver Peoples | Craftsmanship

After everything is completed, each frame is hand polished and carefully inspected ensuring a perfect fit.

Oliver Peoples | Craftsmanship

Frame Highlights

Gregory Peck

Oliver Peoples | Gregory Peck Eyeglasses in Workman Grey

The Oliver Peoples // Gregory Peck (OV5186) is an iconic design inspired by the signature style worn by its namesake in the movie To Kill a Mockingbird. Crafted out of acetate, the Gregory Peck features hand-laid front frame plaques as well as 3-barrel hinges and core wire temples for added strength and stability.

Cary Grant

Oliver Peoples | Cary Grant Eyeglasses

The Oliver Peoples // Cary Grant (OV5413U) is inspired by the signature style worn by its namesake in the 1959 Hollywood classic North by Northwest. The bold acetate optical frame is distinctive in its aesthetic and features custom details designed to keep the integrity of the style worn in the film. Also available as a sun.


Oliver Peoples | Coleridge Sunglasses

The Oliver Peoples // Coleridge (OV1186S) offers an understated classic design with clean lines and a vintage inspired look. Other details include vintage style nosepads and filigree detailing throughout the temples.

August 14, 2020

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