MYKITA STUDIO | 8.1 and 8.2


90's Retro Future

MYKITA STUDIO reinterprets the 90’s bling-bling, hip-hop aesthetic for the 21st century. Both stainless steel models feature a slim silhouette and embellished side pieces: STUDIO 8.1 with more angular contours and a double bridge, and STUDIO 8.2 offering a slimmer, oval version. True to the MYKITA design identity what first appears to be a logo insignia on either side of the front is in fact a functional piece to connect the temples. Of course, this nod to logo culture also holds the new must-have accessory: the neck chain.


Brave New World

Introducing a capsule collection of experimental aviators: STUDIO 9 presents a standalone aesthetic made up of oversized shapes in slender steel constructions, softly tinted lenses and unexpected, precious color elements in acetate. The overall look is futuristic and bohemian at once. STUDIO 9.1 channels the high-octane heritage of teardrop aviators with oversize proportions and intricate double-bridge detailing to add the right amount of eccentric. STUDIO 9.3 features diamond-shaped lenses with a spiritual-looking third eye.




MYKITA LESSRIM | Tomomi and Raidon

Pure Refinement

Reinventing the rimless eyewear tradition, MYKITA LESSRIM uses a reduced construction to hold lenses. Ultra-fine rims lie flush in the groove of the lens perimeter leaving only a shimmering outline. Optical model TOMOMI is a large 80’s panto in the characteristic airy lightness of LESSRIM and also features the distinct new sculptural nose bridge. Sunglasses RAIDON strikes the perfect balance between classic and modern: a finely detailed navigator with a subtle pentagonal lens shape and high double bridge.




MYKITA | Adriano Eyeglasses and Duran Sunglasses 


Sporty Gentleman

Optical model ADRIANO and sunglasses DURAN are about pure, sporty sophistication. Advancement in surface technology opens up a new design language at MYKITA: the fine line following the top line on stainless steel frame fronts was achieved using a novel semi-etching technique. The subtle decorative element adds depth and expression to the streamlined navigator shape without any form of excess.




MYKITA | Velma and Lovisa Eyeglasses

Ladies in the Loop

Large and ladylike, the square VELMA and round LOVISA are taking 70's femininity into the future. Both optical models are distinguished by their ‘mono-line’ front – interrupting the color on the rims between the two bridges adds character through a subtle trompe l’oeil effect. The chic minimal look gets rounded off with contemporary color options including Purple Bronze and Pastel Grey.


MYKITA | Jette Sunglasses

Beauty of Disruption

Defying easy definition, JETTE blends geometric elements to an entirely new shape. Expressive and reserved at once, the anticipated harmony of a perfect round is disrupted by an unexpected crop and dash of color. Oversize lenses offer plenty of coverage for shy spirits; a fine double-bridge echoes the dual nature.




MYKITA | Brandur and Niba Eyeglasses


Presenting two optical models, both with the customary warmth and comfort of acetate, yet with very different messages: BRANDUR is a highly wearable contemporary classic, a rectangular shape in an optimal size. NIBA introduces the oversize square theme to the world of optical – this is a statement piece. New color ways include the transparent Limpid/Silver and vibrant Ruby/Champagne Gold.


MYKITA | Tuva Eyeglasses and Sunglasses


The perfectly proportioned charm of TUVA translates well into both optical and sunglass models. Sporting the distinctive new MYKITA nose bridge design, TUVA is a classic panto shape with slender acetate rings fitted inside steel rims. The intricate mixed material construction is ideal for appreciating finely composed color ways, such as Shiny Silver/Champagne or Shiny Copper/Topaz.


MYKITA | Gapi Sunglasses

Future Heroine

Sporting a stretched pentagonal shape, GAPI has a strong individual identity. Unapologetically feminine and bold, the unconventional angular shape wins you over with its well-balanced proportions. The ample surface area on the acetate front shows off new color tones such as Brown Grey to full effect. Contrasting temples in stainless steel maintain a lightweight construction.




MYKITA | Armstrong and Charlene Eyeglasses

Adapted Heritage

Classic forms translated into modern stainless steel constructions create the distinctive aesthetic of the DECADES collection. Working with novel etching techniques introduces a new depth of expression: a simplified butterfly shape, optical model CHARLENE gets its spunky attitude from the half-etched, colored portion along the top line. ARMSTRONG is a classic panto with an architectural edge from subtle details, such as the plateau top line on the rims and the sculptural nose bridge design.


MYKITA | Alessia and Houston Sunglasses

Standout Individuals

With its unique heptagon-shape and geometric rim design, Alessia displays a style all its own. The novel half-etching technique has established a new design language for MYKITA giving depth to flat steel surfaces. The experimental shape and multi-color lacquer still adds up to an unexpectedly chic, harmonious look. By comparison, HOUSTON is a more reduced design, yet the expression is bolder: oversize round lenses held in ‘cut-off’ rims play with the contrast between thick and thin for a pop-art effect.



MYKITA MYLON | Moss Eyeglasses

Future of Navigation

A toned-down navigator design, optical model MOSS offers a light, progressive take on masculine style. Ensuring a comfortable fit, the MYLON click-in nose piece also makes a distinctive styling element.


MYKITA MYLON | Concord Eyeglasses


The oversize navigator form of CONCORD recalls male 70's style elegance but the high-tech look and feel of the MYLON material places the glasses firmly in the present. Rounded edges add unisex appeal.



Sleek Shield Chic

Joining the fiery family of HYBRID sun shields, CAYENNE is a classic sporty shape with generous proportions. The functional MYLON clip holds the lens shield in place while creating the illusion of two traditional lenses. A strong navigator style for the here and now rounded off by fittingly novel color-ways.


MYKITA MYLON | Shift and Bond Sunglasses

Return of the Masks

With a large silhouette and solid appearance, sunglass model SHIFT appears futuristic, even robot-like – the expansive front and straight top line sends a no-nonsense statement. BOND recalls the enduring style of male film icons from the 50's and 60's with its familiar rectangular shape and wide temples. The unique characteristics of the material ensure both voluminous models weigh next to nothing and deliver that unmistakeable look and feel of the matte MYLON surface.

MYKITA + Maison Margiela


MYKITA + Maison Margiela | MMCRAFT004 Eyeglasses


The CRAFT collection opens a new chapter for MYKITA + MAISON MARGIELA with prescription eyewear. Optical models with small proportions and large impact: octagonal MMCRAFT004 and oval MMCRAFT005 infuse turn-of-the-century eyewear styles with present-day iconoclastic appeal. The subtle, half-etched patterns on the stainless steel surface demonstrate the beauty of new technology.


MYKITA + Maison Margiela | MMCRAFT004


MMCRAFT008 signals an evolution of the ornamental CRAFT language: oversize oval rims meet an intricate, architectural bridge. The reduced, ultra-fine construction exemplifies the way MYKITA + MAISON MARGIELA uses few elements to create interest and appeal, adding a sense of the extraordinary to everyday objects.


MYKITA + Maison Margiela | MMRAW013 Sunglasses


Deliberately interrupting the production process of acetate frames creates an aesthetic all its own, one which reveals the traces of modern technology and creates a contrast between classic form and atypical exterior. A rounded panto with a low nose bridge and lift in the corners, MMRAW013 adds a sculptural femininity to the archaic design language of the RAW collection.


MYKITA + Maison Margiela | MMESSE023 Sunglasses


Experimental shapes in a reduced material concept: ESSENTIAL continues to display the creative possibilities of a limited framework. MMESSE023 identifies as a flat diamond aviator. The prominent double bridge lends architectural edge to this 90's look. New color-way Baywatch Red with matching red lenses sends a radical signal.



MYKITA & Bernhard Willhelm | Karma and Nat Sunglasses


Not one to shy away from trying something new and unusual MYKITA & BERNHARD WILLHELM presents a sunshield in a fresh shape and bold color. In the shape of a compressed oval, the HYBRID model KARMA relies on a MYLON clip to secure the shield to the slender steel frame. Neat NAT joins the Beverly Hills crew of petite stainless steel frames. Featuring an elongated pentagonal shape with rounded edges, these sunglasses sports cropped lens corners around the nose bridge for the kind of eye-catching detail that the longstanding creative collaboration is adored for.



MYKITA / DAMIR DOMA | Charlotte and Achilles Sunglasses


Geometric shapes intersect in the latest incarnation of the signature layered look from MYKITA / DAMIR DOMA. Sunglass model CHARLOTTE is a slim, rectangular model with an organic leaf-shaped outline – a poetic silhouette with individual identity. The model ACHILLES layers an oversize panto and an irregular hexagon resulting in a standout look that is nevertheless strikingly harmonious in the face.


MYKITA / DAMIR DOMA | Monogram Sunglasses


With its super sleek form and pure, graphic look, MONOGRAM is a subtle interpretation of the 90's logo trend. The sharp shape of the rims references the interlinking Ds of the fashion label’s new monogram. Without a micro-millimeter of excess these lean and mean sunglasses continue in the MYKITA / DAMIR DOMA tradition of ultra-modern yet effortlessly wearable eyewear. The color concept of the stainless steel models follows the purity of the design: MONOGRAM is available in Shiny Black, Shiny Silver and Antique White.


November 15, 2018

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