In Glowing Colours

MYKITA - In Glowing Colours

New arrivals to the MYKITA collection stand out in vibrant and graphic tones showcasing the brand’s passion for contemporary colour composition.


Harmonious yet often unconventional, the refined colour and surface compositions set MYKITA glasses apart. Significant research and development has always gone into advancing the surface treatments and lacquers, which contribute to the characteristic modernity of the frames. This extensive catalogue of design ingredients and colour palettes enables the wide variety of styles and colourways in the collection that allows each person to find their personal favourite.


New arrivals to the LITE and DECADES collections impress with eye-catching colourways: Poppy Red and Safrane delivers warm vibes all year around via 70's inspired sun frame PALOMA, which has plenty of surface area for the hand-lacquered colourway to play out with contrasting tones for the top and bottom half of the rims. The Jet Black and Greige version is a softer take on Black / White and just as classic.

MYKITA | Paloma in Poppy Red/Safrane with Dark Grey Solid Lenses
MYKITA | Paloma in Jet Black/Greige with Raw Green Solid Lenses

New shade Daylily Orange adds a bright modern accent to optical model NIKEN, an aviator silhouette made of ultra-fine stainless steel.

MYKITA | Niken in Daylily Orange

Dark ton-sûr-ton colourways – Deep Ocean / Blackberry and Brown Gradient / Mocca – emphasise the understated finesse of optical models JEPPE and ANNIKA from the acetate rings range.

MYKITA | Jeppe in Blackberry/Deep Ocean MYKITA | Annika in Mocca/Brown Gradient 


• New arrivals to LITE and DECADES showcase the directional colour composition that sets MYKITA apart

• A colour spectrum of bright and warm, deep and rich tones signal a new, modern direction

• Hardwearing PVD coating used for metallic frames

• Lightweight, resilient, highly adaptable to individual facial features

• Handcrafted quality – eyewear is handmade at the MYKITA HAUS in Berlin


Acetate Rings - The Ultimate Duet

MYKITA Collections | Acetate Rings - The Ultimate Duet

Two materials in perfect harmony – MYKITA presents a new capsule collection of covetable frames combining sleek stainless steel and vivid acetate.


Material integrity in product design is about emphasizing the most functional or appealing properties of the materials used. For this new range of mixed material models, the flexible resilience of steel and warm, vivid quality of acetate come together to illustrate this MYKITA design principle to wonderful effect. Two materials in perfect harmony – this combination highlights the refined color and surface compositions that set the MYKITA design aesthetic apart. Lightweight stainless steel frames are fitted with slender acetate rims that also provide a comfortable nose bridge.


This capsule collection launches with a range of optical models in a signature MYKITA aesthetic. The classic eyewear shapes include universally flattering round and panto styles – the sophisticated frame construction and fine design details deliver harmony and edge with a modern expression. Tone-in-tone colourways, including Indigo / Deep Ocean and Champagne Gold / Pine Honey, complement the understated elegance of the glasses.

MYKITA | Cantara in Indigo/Deep Ocean
MYKITA | Dayo in Champagne Gold/Pine Honey


• Iconic eyewear style from the MYKITA HAUS

• Clean, functional design with timeless aesthetic

• Signature MYKITA design elements, e.g. spiral hinge, elegant material connections

• Lightweight, resilient, highly adaptable to individual facial features

• Handcrafted quality – eyewear is handmade at the MYKITA HAUS in Berlin


MYKITA MYLON HYBRID - High Style & Performance

MYKITA MYLON | Fir in MH49 - Pitch Black/Matte Silver

Heritage eyewear styles get a high-tech makeover – MYKITA MYLON presents refined, functional pieces for elevated everyday wear.


MYKITA MYLON shapes the future of high-tech eyewear through innovative engineering and directional design. The HYBRID line brings together the two core competences of the Modern Manufactory, precision craftsmanship and advanced technologies, to create progressive eyewear design with a uniquely modern and sophisticated aesthetic. The eyewear construction uses the respective material properties of stainless steel and the laser-sintered MYLON material to optimal effect, producing a perfectly balanced and lightweight frame with outstanding wearing comfort. Precious yet functional, the new crop of mixed material models recalls visual codes of high-end HiFi systems and luxury timepieces.

MYKITA MYLON | Hemlock in MH6 - Pitch Black/Black with Polarized Pro Amber Brown Lenses


Including both optical and sunglass frames, the new line of HYBRID models feature MYLON fronts / rims fitted inside a handcrafted stainless steel frame. In this signature MYKITA material combination, the sleek, shiny metal lifts the ligneous MYLON surface to achieve a techie yet precious aesthetic. This creates a compelling contrast to the classic, near-retro eyewear shapes, which include a navigator style and two panto variations. Metallic frames paired with MYLON in dark tones bring out the beauty in construction and draws attention to fine design details, such as accentuated side-pieces. Sunglasses with POLARIZED PRO lenses ensure strong performance function and eye protection to match the high-end aesthetic.

MYKITA MYLON | Fir Sunglasses in MH6 - Pitch Black/Black with Polarised Pro Amber Brown Lenses


• Progressive eyewear design from the MYKITA HAUS

• Sunglasses with POLARIZED PRO lenses

• Clean, functional design; unisex models with a modern, timeless aesthetic

• Signature MYKITA design elements: spiral hinge, elegant material connections

• Patented high-tech material – MYLON

• Lightweight, resilient, highly adaptable to individual facial features

• Handcrafted quality – eyewear is handmade at the MYKITA HAUS in Berlin


MYKITA STUDIO - Retro Cool Renaissance

MYKITA STUDIO 13 Sunglasses

Presenting a product innovation from MYKITA STUDIO – STUDIO 13 reinvents cool 60’s aesthetic using a novel material mix and 3D manufacturing technology.


Representing the creative core of the Modern Manufactory, MYKITA STUDIO is a showcase for high-fashion concepts and uncompromising designs that reflect the aesthetic zeitgeist. In an eyewear first, STUDIO 13 presents a novel material concept – MYKITA’s proprietary high-tech MYLON material in combination with traditional acetate. Ultra-light, durable and made using 3D printing technology, MYLON makes up the main ingredient of these high volume sunglasses; acetate is used for the slim rims around the lenses, delivering the defining detail and appeal of this design series.


The capsule collection presents two sunglass models: Both offer plenty of volume, STUDIO 13.1 is a slimmer silhouette with cool, unisex appeal.

MYKITA | Studio 13.1 Sunglasses in MA3 - Slate Grey/Champagne with Terra Solid Lenses

STUDIO 13.2 a more glamorous, oversize square shape. Central to both eyewear pieces is the interplay of the two materials and their respective colors, which creates the defining and unique look. Solid, matte MYLON paired with glossy, transparent acetate let the lenses appear to hover inside the frame front. Ton-sûr-ton colourways using tortoise shell acetates present a more understated version. Opaque colour-blocking options such as Black / Sand deliver a high contrast graphic effect. For all models, high volume and rounded edges come together for a bold, retro look with undeniable 60’s flair.

MYKITA | Studio 13.2 in MA5 Pitch Black/Zanzibar with Terra Solid Lenses


• High-tech MYLON joins traditional acetate for an innovative material concept

• Distinctive high fashion sunglasses

• MYLON material offers high volume with light weight

• Extensive selection of refined color compositions

• Cool, retro 60's look



MYKITA & Bernhard Willhelm | Satori in MD1 - Pitch Black with Dark Grey Solid Double Shield

Dipping into virtual reality – latest hybrid visor from MYKITA & BERNHARD WILLHELM delivers an immersive experience with a touch of robotic chic.


Chic meets outrageous for an eyewear aesthetic that pushes style genres, managing to be electrifying, funny, weird and sexy at the same time. Known for innovative cuts and witty references to pop culture, the avant-garde fashion by Bernhard Willhelm mixes sports and streetwear with elements of pure fantasy. MYKITA teamed up with the designer in 2009 for a collaboration that pairs uninhibited imagination with innovative manufacturing techniques.


Keeping in the genre-pushing, statement-making tradition of the eyewear collaboration, SATORI presents a hybrid-visor sunshield extravaganza with a touch of robot glam. Giving both volume and lightweight comfort, SATORI nicely showcases the unique possibilities of the high-tech MYLON material and the technology of 3D manufacturing. The double-shield design encases the eye area to not only protect the wearer’s vision but also provide a fun immersive experience. Style and mood of the designer piece shifts according to the colourways – Slate Grey with shields in Silver Flash maximize the futuristic aesthetic, while Ebony Brown with Tangerine Solid shield feels retro and playful. Black / Black monochrome is a straight-up fashion statement.

MYKITA & Bernhard Willhelm | Satori in MD1 - Pitch Black with Dark Grey Solid Double Shield
MYKITA & Bernhard Willhelm | Satori in MD35 - Slate Grey with Silver Flash Double Shield
MYKITA & Bernhard Willhelm | Satori in MD22 - Ebony Brown with Cedar Brown Double Shield
MYKITA & Bernhard Willhelm | Satori in MD22 - Ebony Brown with Tangerine and Cedar Double Shield


• Standout eyewear piece made using high-tech 3D manufacturing

• MYLON material offers high volume with light weight

• Fashion meets functional sports piece – excellent UV protection

• Longstanding MYKITA collaboration with avant-garde designer



Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) wearing the MYKITA | Meryl in Champagne Gold/Aurore in the Sex and the City reboot "And Just Like That..."

Delivering a nostalgic appeal that feels very of the moment, this special edition includes four iconic eyewear styles currently starring in the Sex and the City reboot TV series “And Just Like That…”. Featuring both sun and optical models, this delightful quartet of frames is defined by a reduced, neo vintage look designed to stand out from the crowd.

Sunglasses CLAAS and NIKEN are two classic navigator/aviator shapes in gold metallic tones with lightly tinted lenses in purple and green. Exclusively available in MYKITA Webshop.

Optical frames MERYL (worn by Sarah Jessica Parker) and STINE feature oversize vintage silhouettes in a modern lightweight construction with refined, hand-lacquered detailing.

MYKITA | Meryl Eyeglasses in Champagne Gold/Aurore
MYKITA | Stine Eyeglasses in Champagne Gold/Jade Green
Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) wearing the MYKITA | Meryl in Champagne Gold/Aurore in the Sex and the City reboot "And Just Like That..."
December 15, 2021

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