A comprehensive collection with a variety of styles ranging from pure and understated to bold and confident. This collection beautifully captures the MYKITA design ethos, reinventing the traditional acetate category according to our principles of responsible design. The visible interplay between high-tech functional elements and the tactile acetate material creates a core aesthetic that is adapted into different design codes. All frames are crafted from the sustainable material, Acetate Renew.



Timeless eyewear shapes realised in slender acetate. Reduced functional pieces reveal a technical beauty with partially transparent colourways that show the supporting steel structure of the eyewear frame. The clear design language is punctuated by displayed sleek steel hinges – an honest, straightforward aesthetic for purists and anyone with an affinity for design.

MYKITA | Acetate Renew - Nala Eyeglasses


Refined sculptural elements and harmonious curves create a feminine aesthetic. Finely milled facets on the slender acetate frame front and temples follow the underlying construction, adding depth and expression to the series. Functional steel detailing adds an honest, unaffected appeal – industrial design meets poetic elegance.

MYKITA | Acetate Renew - Davu Eyeglasses


The acetate material in a leading role, featuring ample shapes with a modern look and undeniable presence. Confident eyewear silhouettes are accentuated by strong sculptural details while metal elements are concealed for an intentionally solid look. Material volume combined with the all-over acetate surface signals a new aesthetic identity for MYKITA.

MYKITA | Acetate Renew - Lerato Eyeglasses


Iconic eyewear shapes with a generous approach to the acetate material. A closer look reveals artful design details, such as subtly rounded facets and elegant material connections resulting in the trademark steel squares visible on the frame front. Sporting either a masculine or feminine silhouette, these ample frames with their refined detailing feel savvy and assured.

MYKITA | Acetate Renew - Ekon Eyeglasses


MYKITA is the first in the eyewear industry to completely switch its acetate material supply to the sustainable Acetate Renew. Indistinguishable from traditional acetate in look, feel and performance, Acetate Renew is made of 42% bio-based cellulose, 28% certified recycled material and 30% traditional plasticiser. Using revolutionary technology for its manufacture, Eastman is able to replace traditional fossil resources with recycled content from hard-to-recycle plastic, thereby reducing greenhouse gases by up to 30% compared to the conventional manufacturing process.


  • Long-term personal companions by MYKITA
  • Wide-ranging collection for each individual to find their personal style
  • Honest, straightforward design language with timeless aesthetic


  • Made from Acetate Renew
  • MYKITA is first in the eyewear industry to switch its full acetate supply to Acetate Renew
  • Transparent manufacturing process
  • Unique product serial number confirms single-unit manufacturing process


  • True fit effect via smart frame construction and temple design
  • Ergonomic design enables exact adjustment for optimal anatomic fit
  • Patented ENDURA hinge ensures distortion-free system to preserve the personalised fit
  • Mechanical push-in fitting allows easy temple removal/replacement, no tools required


  • Minimal maintenance or re-adjustment
  • Rigorous quality testing regime assures product resilience
  • Handcrafted quality from the MYKITA HAUS in Berlin


MYKITA | Auri Eyeglasses

The advanced surface treatments and meticulous hand-lacquering processes at the Modern Manufactory add depth and character to handcrafted stainless steel frames.


MYKITA merges artisanal techniques with high technology for its singular approach to embellishment. Metallic surfaces and some black colourways are achieved via PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) coating, an advanced surface treatment also used in the aerospace and automotive industry. All coloured frames are hand-lacquered – a meticulous multi-step process for the tri or bi colour models.

MYKITA | Kelsey Eyeglasses


Advanced engraving and manual lacquering techniques give the impression of texture and material depth all while staying true to the clear design language of the Modern Manufactory – frames remain as sleek and light as always. Bicolour concepts combining metallic surfaces with matt lacquers lend a modern sensibility to feminine styles from the LITE collection. The LITE design series with subtly engraved surfaces, including TALVI and AURI get a colourway update via contrasting Champagne Gold/Black.

MYKITA | Auri Eyeglasses in Shiny Silver


  • Precious aesthetic for stainless steel eyewear from NO1, LITE and DECADES collection
  • Metallic surfaces and some black colourways are achieved via PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) coating
  • All coloured frames are hand-lacquered – a meticulous multi-step process for tri or bi colour models.
  • Stainless steel frames are lightweight, resilient, and highly adaptable to individual facial features
  • Handcrafted quality – eyewear is handmade at the MYKITA HAUS in Berlin


MYKITA | Tulok Eyeglasses

Aviator and navigator silhouettes bring their versatility and perennial cool to optical frames and sunglasses.


Originating from military wear in the 1930s, the aviator and its shorter more rectangular cousin the navigator evolved into iconic fashion pieces on the nose of Twentieth century pop culture legends. The perfect example of how form following function can create aesthetic triumph, the aviator’s primary function was to improve the pilot’s vision at high altitudes and the unique teardrop shape of the lenses provided maximum coverage This signature teardrop shape follows the facial features to flattering effect. Versatile, wearable, and elegant, the vintage silhouette can be worn with anything from workwear to suiting for an elevated attitude.

MYKITA | Niken Eyeglasses


Aviator and navigator shapes have long been part of the design language at MYKITA and the options just increased with several newcomers joining across the collections: Pure and reduced models in lightweight stainless steel for NO1 and LITE or with a retro mood in dark, warm acetate shades for MYKITA ACETATE, as well as mixed materials models combining stainless steel with acetate and MYLON in refined colour compositions.


  • Aviator and navigator silhouettes make a statement as optical frames
  • Strong unisex styles
  • Individually adaptable
  • Extensive colour palette
  • Handcrafted quality – eyewear is handmade at the MYKITA HAUS in Berlin


    MYKITA | Esbo Sunglasses

    Elegant shapes, contemporary colours – these mixed material models look good on everyone and elevate the everyday.


    Warm acetate and sleek stainless steel meet in a perfectly balanced construction for refined aesthetics and absolute wearing comfort. These LITE frames use a tailored click-in connection to attach the stainless steel temples to the acetate front. Without screws or adhesives, the effortless mechanical solution leaves a subtle trademark in the shape of a small square in the acetate. Bestseller NUKKA was distinguished with the Red Dot Award for Product Design on its release in 2016. All models are designed and handcrafted at the MYKITA HAUS in Berlin, Germany.

    MYKITA | Colorful Spring


    With expressive shapes and vibrant colours, the acetate front LITE models are an effortless way to make a personal style statement and add some chic to the everyday. The variety of silhouettes range from classic panto and round to cat-eye and oversize vintage-inspired shapes. Colours include clear, tinted, semi-transparent, as well as solid tones and several different tortoise shell patterns – all with complementing lacquered or metallic steel temples. This eyewear range is a real showcase for MYKITA’s signature colour compositions – settling on one pair has never been more challenging.

    MYKITA | Keoma Eyeglasses


    • Acetate front with lightness and adjustability of metal frames
    • Style meets wearing comfort
    • Variety of modern silhouettes from unisex styles to feminine
    • Extensive colour palette
    • Signature MYKITA design elements: spiral hinge, metallic PVD coatings, hand-lacquered colours
    • Product portfolio is developed for every individual to find the right fit and expression
    • Lightweight, resilient, highly adaptable to individual facial features
    • Handcrafted quality – eyewear is handmade at the MYKITA HAUS in Berlin


    MYKITA | Misty Sunglasses

    From dark, moody streetwear to high octane bling – the latest statement shades from the MYKITA HAUS elevate the simplest ensemble with a striking blend of materials.


    The ACETATE RINGS concept is based on a sophisticated eyewear construction combining sleek stainless steel and vibrant acetate. Acetate rings are fitted into a resilient stainless steel frame in an engineering feat that also creates an elevated design language. The material combination becomes a showcase for the refined colour and surface composition that sets MYKITA eyewear design apart.


    The frame construction has more surface area than previous models, providing a canvas for the dialogue of colour and material textures to play out. Round PHYLLIS and square MISTY make an extravagant pair with strong visual impact and many beautiful details for design enthusiasts to discover. Colourways make the mood – Black/Black Havana creates a dark streetwear look whereas Champagne Gold/Milky Peach is about high karat style.

    MYKITA | Misty Sunglasses
    MYKITA | Philys Sunglasses

    The highly versatile RAYMOND is a retro browline design. This iconic shape has a chameleon-like cool that seems to work just as well on the cosmopolitan business type as on a Venice Beach surfer, all neon colours and sun-bleached hair.

    MYKITA | Raymond Sunglasses
    MYKITA | Raymond Sunglasses


    • Standout sunglass style for the 2023 spring/summer season
    • Statement frames in strong fashion-forward colourways
    • Sophisticated eyewear construction combining stainless steel and acetate
    • Signature MYKITA design elements, e.g., spiral hinge, elegant material connections
    • The stainless steel frame is highly adaptable to individual facial features
    • Handcrafted quality – eyewear is handmade at the MYKITA HAUS in Berlin


    April 19, 2023

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