Specs Collective is proud to announce the addition of our newest French sunglasses line Thierry Lasry. Inspired by the 1980’s, each frame offers a retro-inspired look with futuristic Avante-garde details. Hand-made out of Italian Mazzuccheli acetate – a plastics company perfecting their craft since 1849 – and titanium gives these sunglasses the look and feel of an artistic sculpture. The designer describes his consumer as “fashion-conscious, independent, curious in nature, and a creator not a follower."


Thierry Lasry | Butterscotchy in Black-Gold (101)


We’ll be taking a closer look at the fine details of Thierry Lasry sunglasses (including the new collection for 2017), editorials that have featured the brand, and celebrities that have been spotted in them.



Each Thierry Lasry frame is perfectly balanced on your face – not to light or to heavy – combining layers of beautiful acetate and lightweight titanium components.


Thierry Lasry | Epiphany in Black & Gold (101)

Thierry Lasry was one of the first sunglasses lines to embed titanium into their acetate, resulting in a stunning original look that adds just the right amount of contrast. 

Thierry Lasry | Monogamy in Black & Vintage Gold (101)

Thierry Lasry | Fancy in Indigo & Silver (575)

Thierry Lasry 2017 Collection:

The new 2017 Thierry Lasry Sunglasses line continues the amazing work of the French designer. He continues his love for the 1980’s by creating bold new shapes with subtle yet complex form.

Thierry Lasry | Hinky in Translucent Pink & Gold (1654) Thierry Lasry | Wavvvy in Black & White (101)

Thierry Lasry | Fancy in Black & Vintage Gold (101)

Thierry Lasry | Swappy in Pink Stripes & Clear (450) Thierry Lasry | Jelly in Matte Light Brown (864)

Thierry Lasry | Choky in Black & Gold (101)



It doesn't come as a surprise when we found out that Thierry Lasry has been featured in many publications, some of which include: Cosmopolitan, Glamour, and Vogue.

Thierry Lasry | Glamour Magazine Thierry Lasry | Cosmopolitan Thierry Lasry | Vogue


Celebrities & Thierry Lasry:

Thierry Lasry has also drawn the attention of some big celebrities including but not limited to: Jennifer Lawrence, Chrissy Tiegen, Henry Cavil, Madonna, Miley Cyrus, and Reese Witherspoon.

Jennifer Lawrence | Thierry Lasry - Swappy in Tokyo Tortoise (228) Chrissy Tiegen | Thierry Lasry Butterscotchy in Black & Gold (101) Henry Cavill | Thierry Lasry - Bowery in Gradient Grey & Silver (1001)
Madonna | Thierry Lasry - Lively in Black & Gold (101) Miley Cyrus | Thierry Lasry - Slutty in Black & White (29) Reese Witherspoon | Thierry Lasry - Lively in Black & Gold (101)



January 25, 2017

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