Sabae-Fukui, Japan

The step-by-step process of making a pair of Stancey Ramars glasses can be absolutely daunting to most people. Add the fact that most of the refined work is all done by hand and requires decades of practice to master.

That is exactly what you get with Stancey Ramars Eyewear. Each frame is hand produced in the legendary city of Sabae-Fukui, Japan.

Sabae is specifically known for their production of eyewear since 1905. With over 100 individual steps required to make a pair of eyeglasses comes a master at his craft putting subtle finishing touches.

Cellulose Acetate 

Cellulose Acetate (CA) is a plant-based material that is strong, lightweight, flexible, and hypoallergenic. CA is also available in a wide range of colors and sizes. Layered together, CA can create some of the most amazing patterns and designs.


Each Stancey Ramars frame made with CA requires a hand polishing technique that can only be done by the long standing veterans of the production team.


“It’s impossible to get just the right kind of soft rounded shape with a machine. Balance is really important with a pair of glasses. The frame needs to fit exactly on the face. But it’s something that can’t be measured precisely in figures. There is no substitute for experience. Even with two pairs of the same design, subtle differences are there when you put the glasses on. Sabae craftsmen are really devoted to our work. That’s why we’ve been able to keep on making a superior product for so long”




Sabae is also the birthplace of titanium frames. Introduced in the 1980’s, craftsman working in Sabae developed the technology to properly use this light-weight metal in the production of eyeglasses.

Stancey Ramars | SR-007

Today, titanium is used by the top high-end eyewear manufacturers to create light-weight durable frames.

Stancey Ramars | Campaign 2016

Stancey Ramars | M82


Stancey Ramars | M82

Easily the most popular frame from Stancey Ramars. The M82 features one of the most unique frame front shapes that flatters almost any face. Paired with it's beautiful titanium nose-bridge, this frame will forever be a classic.

Stancey Ramars | M82 Stancey Ramars | M82


Stancey Ramars | M83

The M83 features a titanium ring with filigree detailing embedded into the frame front. Engraved detailing can also be found throughout the nose-bridge and temples to complete its refined look.

Stancey Ramars | M83 Stancey Ramars | M83


Stancey Ramars | SR-007

The SR-007 is a light-weight classic with wire thin titanium temples. Filagree detailing can be found throughout the temples and nose-bridge.

Stancey Ramars | SR-007 Stancey Ramars | SR-007


Stancey Ramars | K61

The K61 is a unique take on the horn-rimmed (also known as club-master) look. With an overall square shape this frame lends perfectly placed curves throughout the frame front. 

Stancey Ramars | K61 Stancey Ramars | K61


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August 17, 2016

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